Award Recipients 2018

  • Dr. Simrenjeet Sandhu - Ophthalmologist-in-Training - BEST GLAUCOMA PAPER AWARD

  • Evan Michaelov - Student Category - BEST GLAUCOMA PAPER AWARD

  • Emily Mathieu, BSc - Graduate Student Category - BEST GLAUCOMA PAPER AWARD

  • Sunil Parapurum, MPhil, Phd - Staff Category - BEST GLAUCOMA PAPER AWARD

  • Bill (Runjie) Shi - The Stephen Drance Award For Excellence In Glaucoma Research

Award Recipients 2017

  • Wendy Wang - student Category - Best glaucoma Paper award

  • Dr. Jayme Vianna - Ophthalmologist-in-training Category - Best glaucoma Paper Award

  • Dr. Shawn Cohen - Staff member Category - Best Glaucoma Paper Award

  • Dr. Matthew Schlenker - The Stephen Drance Award for Excellence in Glaucoma Research

2016 PRESIDENT’S AWARD (inaugural President’s award winner)

Dr. Gordon Douglas, Awardee Of Dr. James Taylor

Gordon Douglas bio pic for Pres Award.jpg

Dr. Gordon Douglas has served Canadian and international ophthalmology in many roles.  He was on the UBC teaching faculty with Dr. Steven Drance for nearly 30 years. As Dr. Drance mentioned at the time of his own retirement, their relationship was never formalized with more than a handshake, but was underpinned by mutual respect, trust, and kindness.  Dr. Douglas worked subsequently in Victoria and Calgary where several glaucoma colleagues were able to learn from his caring, non-confrontational style and clinical acumen first hand.  He has served as Canadian Glaucoma Society President, and as Visiting Faculty and Medical Director of ORBIS, spending over a year, cumulatively, on ORBIS trips.  He also served as Vision Classifier for the Canadian  Blind Sport and  International Paralympic Committees.  Dr. Douglas was a surgical innovator who introduced Molteno tube shunt surgery to Canada. The University of Calgary bestowed its faculty-wide Master Teacher Award on him, a credit to his non-surgical teaching skills as well.  CGS proudly recognizes Dr. Gordon Douglas as the recipient of its inaugural President's Award.


Award Recipients 2016

  • sarah Mullen - Best glaucoma Resident Research Proposal

  • Angela Zhang - Best Glaucoma Resident Research Paper Published

  • Yogesh Patodia - Best glaucoma Student Research Proposal

  • Jayme Vianna - Best Glaucoma Paper for Translational Research in Glaucoma

  • Nicholas Ault - The stephen Drance Award for Excellence in Glaucoma Research


Award recipients 2015

  • Jeremy Murphy - Best glaucoma Resident Research Proposal

  • Sourabh Arora - Best Glaucoma Resident Research Paper Published

  • Tal Milman - Best Glaucoma Student Research Proposal

  • Sera Thomas - Best Glaucoma Paper for translational research in glaucoma

  • Edward Moss - The Stephen Drance Award for excellence in glaucoma research


Award Recipients 2014

  • Gary Yau - Annual Resident Award for Best Resident Research Proposal

  • Kelsey Watson - Annual Student Award for Best Research proposal

  • Yiannis Lordanous - Annual Resident Award for Best Manuscript


Award Recipients 2013

  • Lulu Liane C D Bursztyn - CGS Merck Award for Best Resident Proposal

  • Rob Campbell - Merck Award for Best Paper

  • Young Jin Lee - Allergan for Best Research Proposal

  • Yiannis Lordanous - Stephen Drance Award of Excellence in Research

  • Nawaz Nathoo - COS Award of Excellence 3rd Place Winner