CGS Statement On Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery

Update of the “Patient Care and Innovation Committee” June 2015

Committee Members:  Lisa Heckler, Michael Dobrogowski, Patrick Gooi, Cindy Hutnik (Group Chair)

A summary of the work of this committee was presented at the AGM in April 2015

There was broad agreement, based on current evidence and practice patterns, that MIGS does have a role in the glaucoma treatment paradigm and that enough published evidence exists to support access to iStent, trabectome and ECP (endoscopic cyclophotocoagulation).  Although other devices are available in clinical trials, the evidence was not yet sufficient to allow a recommendation.  It was also agreed that MIGS is not a "magic bullet" for all patients and should not be considered equivalent to a trabeculectomy or tube surgery in terms of efficacy, safety, or cost-effectiveness.  The issue of barriers to access based on cost need to be considered so that patients have equitable access to MIGS surgery.