2009 Annual CGS Meeting, Toronto, ON

2009 Meeting Highlights

CGS-Merck Awards presented at the annual meeting in Toronto, June 2009

Winner of Best Research Proposal: Michael Wan (mentors Dr. Y. Buys and Dr. O. Kasner) for the proposal “Alternative therapies in glaucoma.”

Winner of Best Publication: Dr. Balwantray Chauhan on behalf of the Canadian Glaucoma Study Group for the publication “Risk factors for the progression of open-angle glaucoma.” Arch Ophthalmol 2008; 126: 1030-6.

Photos From The CGS Dinner And Awards Presentations, Toronto 2009

CGS Pfizer 2009 Glaucoma Fellowship Award presented to Dr. Gdih Gdih. Left to right: Pfizer representative, Dr. Gdih, Dr. Yvonne Buys, and Paul Rafuse.

CGS Merck Frosst 2009 best resident research award presented to Michael Wan by Martin Dilauro. Left to right: Martin Dilauro, Michael Wan, Yvonne Buys, and Marcelo Nicolela.

2009 meeting organizers with guest speakers. From left to right Drs. Neeru Gupta, Robert Ritch, Rohit Varma and Yvonne Buys.

2009 CGS guest speakers, Dr. Rohit Varma and Robert Ritch

A scene from the 2009 dinner. Left to right: Drs. Graham Trope, Fred Mikelberg, Yvonne Buys, Rob Schertzer, Lisa Gould, Marianne Edwards and Pierre Blondeau.

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