Evidence-informed approaches to Teleglaucoma in Canada (April 2021)


APRIL 2021

This report, endorsed by the C.G.S., C.O.S. and A.C.U.P.O., provides a review of evidence-informed approaches to teleglaucoma (TG) care in Canadian contexts as of January 2021. TG is defined as a spectrum of options that adapts telemedicine approaches to enhance care for glaucoma patients (those diagnosed with as well as at risk for developing glaucoma). The objective of this document is to act as a foundation for Canadian ophthalmologists who wish to establish their own TG practice.

COVID-19 has illuminated the ways in which limitations to virtual care have been largely self-imposed. Much of our advocacy in advancing virtual care must occur at the health systems level. We hope that this document can equip providers with the knowledge and inspiration to carve their own path in the realm of teleglaucoma and teleophthalmology at-large.

ENGLISH doc – Evidence-informed approaches to Teleglaucoma

FRENCH doc – Evidence-informed approaches to Teleglaucoma